First Spain photoshoot: Part 2

Spain photoshoot

Welcome to my first Spain photoshoot: part 2. As many of you know, I made a big move across an ocean and now live in Granada, Spain. I cannot believe it’s been over a month. I moved to Spain on September 22nd. It’s crazy to think of how fast time has flown by! Life sure has been busy as I’ve settled into a life of working 12 hours at a school, teaching 12 hours a week of private English classes and blogging. I know I’ll find myself in a nice rhythm in no time.

I have found many pretty dresses and want to share them all with you. My new roommate keeps joking that I won’t be able to take everything back to the United States (that is if I return). This is one that I just love. It’s comfy and cozy. I found it at a little boutique in Spain called Trilce as I was exploring the city. I love discovering new little spots and hidden gems.

My new friend Jana and I met up in Carmen de Los Mártires. This beautiful park overlooks the city of Granada. When we shot this look, the sun was just starting to set. It was absolutely perfect.

The photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Spain photoshoot

Have you had the chance to see Spain or Granada yet? If so, that did you end up seeing? I’m still adjusting to new life here and am exploring all the things … so I’m always curious to hear what others may recommend.

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  1. Love the colors of this dress! I have been to several places in Spain and loved it! Maybe one day I will be able to go back to visit again.

  2. I would love to go an explore Spain with my twins! I’ve been there for business so I didn’t have much time to tour around. The place looks great and so do you! Love the dress and those shoes!

  3. love those shoes! how exciting, living in spain! we were in southern spain a few years ago, and i made the biggest tapas taboo in granada! i didn’t know you are supposed to order your items one at a time…so like 5 things came out at once and we were taking up an entire side of the bar. whoops! lol. obviously i’m sure you’ve been to the alhambra. one of my favorite “white towns” was fragiliana. super cute, small, and eclectic. and the caves of nerja have shows/ballets in them! THAT would be amazing to see.

  4. I love this Spain photo-shoot and what a fun patterned maroon shoot. Love it with that red necklace, Nina. Thanks for linking up.

    Would love for you to be a part of my Fall Wedding Collaboration. Did you get my e-mail? Please get back to me. Thanks.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. The light is so beautiful and your dress is cosy and comfy 🙂 I’ve been to Spain several times, in different places and I’ve also been working in Gran Canary and Mallorca (long long time ago!). There’re so much to see and explore! How is your Spanish? 🙂

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