Hangers and surprises for Sara, a bride to be

This Saturday was the reveal of two secrets for one of my best friends from college. Sara and I met 10 years ago as freshmen at WKU. It’s crazy how time flies. I was thrilled when she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. As such, part of the fun is the wedding shower, which was this past Saturday in Danville, Kentucky.

Sara and some of her bridesmaids. Photo courtesy of Beth Camic Green (pictured far right)

Secret number 1

Secret number one was initially birthed when I wrote about my friend Megan’s business Hang it Up Hangers. She designs these personalized wedding dress hangers that look amazing in photos the day of and make for a great keepsake for years to come. This was back in November just as Sara was beginning the wedding planning crunch. In conversation the hangers came up. She said something to the effect of “they look great but I cannot justify spending money on something that is not as essential as other things.” I get it … weddings are expensive. However the great thing about being a bridesmaid is that you can get those more splurge-y items for the bride.

Secret number 2

Secret number two was a surprise in person-form. Her maid of honor is her grad school pal Katie. Katie also lives in Denver, Colorado and thus Sara didn’t want to make her feel as though she needed to fly out to Kentucky for a 2-4 hour event. Katie, however, thought it would be especially neat if she surprised her. So she let myself, Sara’s fiance and Sara’s future sister-in-law in on the big secret. She flew into the Cincinnati airport Friday night and stayed at my house.

Saturday morning we drove down to Lexington to meet Sara and Brandon for brunch at Cracker Barrel. We decided to heighten the surprise by having Katie nonchalantly sit down about five minutes after Sara arrived. I even had the wait staff in on the surprise as I told them “I want a table for four but make it seem like it’s a table for three.” They were great. So Katie just walks in and sits down. Katie said the look on Sara’s face was worth the whole trip. She was so surprised.

After brunch we headed out to Danville where Sara’s future aunt-in-law lives. When it came time to open the hanger, she was so surprised and excited as well.


I love how detailed Megan is in her work. The reason Sara wore this sweater is because teal is one of her wedding colors. Megan did an excellent job at matching the flower color. The letters also of course look amazing. To learn more visit her Etsy shop here.

Overall operation Surprise Sara was a success. Now onto planning that bachelorette party which will be full of more Sara surprises …

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