The LBD’s of 6 different bloggers

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

Today in the spirit of the upcoming Little Black Dress party, we’re looking at the LBD’s of 6 different bloggers. One of my favorite things about blogging is the community of women I have found across the world. This list includes bloggers from the Netherlands, Angola, El Salvador and Canada, as well as bloggers in other parts of my own county, the United States. We’ve met each other through link ups and Facebook groups. We read each others’ posts and leave words of encouragement (comments). Blogging can often feel like a one-woman journey with no one set path. The support we find in each other is so wonderful. It for sure keeps me going.

I’m excited to share these women with you. I hope you’ll click on all their blogs and take a look around. Each woman has her own unique voice that she puts out there.

1. Shelbee on the Edge

Shelbee is such an active member of the blogging community. I’m constantly seeing her commenting on others posts. Also, she hosts a weekly link up Fridays. The thing I love about her is how down to earth and real she seems. She doesn’t claim to be some sort of expert. She’s just your every day woman, wife and mother showing off her personal style. Bonus, you can also shop her closet right on her blog! Check that out here.

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

Dress: Old Navy; Scarf: Cato; Necklace: Cato; Shoes: DSW

Check out her post about the LBD here. Also make sure to follow her on these social networks: Instagram, Twitter Pinterest, Facebook

2. Nancy’s Fashion Style

Nancy is my blogger pal from the Netherlands. She also hosts a Friday linkup called Fancy Friday. She blogs about all things personal style in her corner of the Internet. One thing that you would not know from just browsing her posts is that she has inherited lung disease and is awaiting a transplant. So right now blogging is her vocation and passion.

She sent me three photos of three different LBDs. I figured why not post all three? So here they are:

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

I especially love her first one! However they all are amazing. Also make sure to check her out on these platforms: Instagram, Twitter

3. Looking Glass

Meet Maria. Maria is a blogger based in Vancouver, Canada. We are both a part of an Instagram message thread of other kickass fashion bloggers. When one of us posts, we notify the group and then go like each other’s posts. Maria’s focus is on edgy fashion and thus the photo she gave me is just that. The black and white is just perfect. I’m also in love with this neckline!

Maria’s words: “I love this lbd because of the cool strappy cutout neckline, and the shift silhouette is so comfortable! It’s also really versatile because I can wear it with heels for going out, with sandals as a summer dress or with ankle boots for a day look.”

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

Make sure you follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube.

4. Elegance and Mommyhood

Ada is also writing about her little black dress today. Super fun! Ada is a style blogger who blogs about fashion and motherhood. Her daughter sometimes makes appearances when she writes about mommy and me fashion. It’s always super adorable. Also she hosts a weekly linkup on Thursdays called Thursday Moda. I love linking up with her each week.

Here are two LBDs she has worn in past posts. You can read the full posts here: Eyelet LBD and Kimono-Sleeve LBD.

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

Make sure to follow Ada on Instagram, Bloglovin and Pinterest.

5. Miss Cunha

Rossely is a vintage-enthusiast blogger living in Luanda, Angola. She, like Maria, is a part of our Instagram support group. She has so many adorable dresses. Her blog is very much inspired by the power women of the past … Audrey Hepburn to Nina Simone to Tina Turner, and the like.

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

I just love how much of a classic LBD this is. It just looks fabulous on her.

Make sure to follow Rossely on Instagram and Pinterest.

6. Blog de la Meli

Melissa is my Salvadoran buddy who I met through a Facebook group called Newbies Who Blog. My blog is less than a year old, so I’m still very much of a newbie at this. Since Spanish is her first language, her blog is entirely written in Spanish. You can always hit the translate button, though. She blogs about DIY stuff, makeup reviews, recipes and other lifestyle-related things.

She sent me a photo of herself in a LBD at her friend’s wedding.

LBD's of 6 different bloggers

Make sure you follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

7. BONUS Ms. Chanda, Birth of a Fashion Blogger


Ms. Chanda hosts a weekly link up on Monday all about being fabulous. I had the pleasure of co-hosting with her several weeks or so back. She lives in Detroit, Michigan with her husband and two children.

This dress is just adorable! The pink shoes make it pop. I love taking another color of shoes and adding them to a LBD outfit!


The thing I just love about this list is the group I’ve gathered from all around the world. Everyone looks amazing in their LBD! Also Cincinnati friends, remember that the LBD party is right around the corner. This Sunday, June 26h (also my birthday), is the party! We are partnering with several local businesses and two non-profits to bring you all a classy and fun evening. The fun will start at 4 p.m. Details here.

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  1. You poster all three! Wow! My day cant go wrong anymore. Great to meet some other woman I did not know. Thank you so much my lovely, soon to be, fellow European girl!😘

    1. Hahaha well I figured why not? Yeah I will soon be a European girl too and I cannot be more excited for it!

  2. Nina, I love this post! So much fun! All these ladies look so fabulous in their LBDs. I only wish I lived closer to Cincinnati so I could join the actual LBD Party! I hope you all have a wonderful time and a super successful event! Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my little newbie blog (I’m at 10 months of blogging!). Hopefully, you link up at my On the Edge of the Week Link Up as well. It goes live Thursday evening!

    Thank you again.


    1. Hey Shelbee! Wow only 10 months … just like me! You could have fooled me, though. Yeah I’m very excited for this event. I love planning events.

      I will definitely link up with you every Friday. I’ve added your blog to my ever-growing list of linkups I participate in each week!

  3. My favorites are Nancy’s pleather?/leather? dress (2nd photo) and Ada’s eyelet dress. I’m so excited to wear MY favorite LBD to your party Sunday!! 🙂

    1. I loved the eyelet dress too! I am so excited that you and Beth are making the drive up for it! It makes me so happy!

  4. I adore every single little black dress in this post but if I were forced to choose, Nancy’s leather number would be the one ringing my bell and making my heart go boom boopity boom boom 🙂

  5. This is such a nice blog post! Thanks for the featuring and above of all for this amazing idea of gathering bloggers from around the world. I hope you have a blast on Sunday !


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