My top 3 dog photo-bombs

So tonight I was going through some old photos for a few blog housekeeping things and realized that my dog has photo-bombed at least several of my photos. I love my dog a lot. His name is Toby and he’s a five-year-old yellow labrador/golden retriever mix. He has lots of energy and loves people more than anything. When we come home, he has his notorious excited bark that he barks which is followed by a friendly tail wag as he runs up to you. In the mornings sometimes I’ll hear him whimpering outside of my bedroom door as if to say “I hear you’re up and I wanna come hang out!”


Is that not the cutest dog you’ve ever seen or what? I’m not biased or anything …


Here are the photos he’s bombed:

1. The black party dress


2. The vintage Christmas dress

Check out my face. Priceless.


3. My Gwynnie Bee dress

Okay so he was too cute not to pet here.


Thanks Toby! Here’s to hopefully some more hilarious photo-bombs!

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