My Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress

Is anyone else here ready for Spring? I definitely had Spring on my mind when I bought this Sfera floral dress several weeks back. Sfera has become one of my favorite shops over here in Spain. They tend to have cute styles in all sorts of colors and at affordable prices. Hence the last time I was there, I snagged a few deals.

I’ll also be the first to admit that I didn’t instantly love all the recent fashions. Perhaps some of them are Spain trends and some of them are trends everywhere. Here, it seems that everything is ruffles and clunky shoes. Perhaps I should take the clunky shoes as a challenge and attempt to style them with an outfit. However I initially was not enamored with them.

You will notice that this dress has a bit of ruffle and puff to it. I decided to jump out on a limb. Fashion is about taking risks, after all.

Sfera floral dress

Where am I?

Well I’m so glad you asked! I live in Granada, Spain where I spend my days teaching English. Those of you who are regular readers of course already know that. Granada is located in the Southern region of Andalucia and is a must-see when traveling to Spain. It’s absolutely beautiful, historical and very inexpensive, which is basically a traveler’s dream. And I get to live there! What?!

I’ll be honest. Since I do live in Granada and spend my weekdays working, I can sometimes take it for granted. I just get into the hustle and bustle of daily life. And then I remind myself to stop doing that because Granada is amazing. I am very lucky to call this place my home.

I shot these photos on a Sunday morning with a new photographer named Jesus. He actually has his own channel on Youtube where he talks about everything photography. It is in Spanish because well, he is Spanish. But if you’re bilingual like me or even if you’re not, go have a look here.

Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress

We spent the morning wandering around the Albaicín neighborhood of Granada, or as he called it “Granada clasica.” And as we wandered from beautiful spot to beautiful spot, I kept thinking “I live here!” I will never run out of spots for fashion shoots living in Europe.

Sfera floral dress Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress Sfera floral dress Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress

Sfera floral dress

What are your thoughts on the ruffles of Spring fashions?

Photo credit: Jesus Terrón.

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  1. Nina, I absolutely love the dress! I think the ruffles make it unique and not just another floral dress. And you are definitely rocking it! And what a fabulous post. You do live in a magnificent and beautiful place. These pictures are breathtaking! And how stinking cute are those earrings?! Thanks so much for linking up On the Edge.


  2. My favourite photos of you, you look beautiful friend xxx I think you are very lucky to live in Granada but more to the point I am obsessed with that dress, the sleeves are everything x

  3. I love the pattern on the dress and the sleeves are just too cute – perfect outfit for Spring and I love how you accessorised it with the bright blue scarf – really gives a colour pop!

  4. Pretty you! I love the pretty pattern on the dress and wide sleeves. Such a wonderful outfit for spring!

  5. I love the way you have styled this dress and I love the pop of blue from your scarf! I’d love for you to join my fashion link up, The Weekly Style Edit!
    xo Lindsay

  6. It’s nice that you’re enjoying your time there. I love your dress, I also love how the photos turned out!

  7. i love this fun print and those even more fun earrings. in the warmer weather, without leggings, this will feel like a totally different dress. have you been to fragiliana? it was my favorite place in southern spain!

  8. A lovely outfit for this time of the year and Spring is finally here and floral prints are great to wear anytime of the day! Looks great.

  9. lovely pics and pretty dress. i love florals and summers are the best time to be in one. i like these type of dresses. long loose and comfortable, the print is lovely. great post

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