My year in dresses part 2

wore in Portland

Earlier last week, I had recapped my year in dresses. As many of you already know, I wear a lot of dresses. In fact, that’s what inspired the name of my blog. I think that as we end one year and begin another, it’s good to do a little reflecting. Even if we think our year was not the best, we usually have made progress. Reflecting can help us see that. I know I for one made lots of leaps with the blog.

Reflecting also allows us to see where we are and where we want to go. I know that for me, this is the year that I give the blog my all. I’m going full force with it. So to those of you who are new, welcome! I hope you stick around because I have lots of great ideas for the year to come. And those loyal readers out there, thank you for all your support. You all are amazing.

And now, the dresses.


Zulily pineapple dress

Oh the pineapple dress! I remember seeing this on Zulily and thinking how unique it was! So, I decided to buy it. It really has turned out to be quite the comfy dress as well. I shot those photos with a new photographer in this beautiful park in Cincinnati. It was such a perfect day for a shoot!

And then this black dress was my farewell to winter dress. I so miss summer. I’m currently in Edinburgh, Scotland until tomorrow and it is so cold! I love Scotland but miss the warmth.


wore in Portland Portland outfits

August was such a stinking fun month! I ended my job at Su Casa and ran off to Portland, Oregon with one of my best friends. We had such a blast in that city. The weather was perfect the entire time and we ate amazing food. So these three are all from our lovely Portland trip.

You can read more about my Portland trip here.


mint green dress

September was a busy month for me. On September 22nd, I left the United States for Spain. So I can’t entirely remember but I don’t think either of these outfits were actually shot in September. However both blog posts ran in September.


October for me was a month of feeling settled. It was my first official month living in Spain. I was still getting used to the schedule and Granada. I did a little traveling here and there.

I think the biggest thing was attempting to find that balance between blogging and my new job. Basically, I teach 12 hours a week in the classroom and another 12 hours of private classes. When you add in commute time, it ends up closer to 30-34 hours/week. It does, however, give me my days free on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I’ll admit that it took me longer than anticipated to really settle into a blogging groove. On the airplane over here to Scotland, I made a weekly schedule for blogging that allows me to go to bed early Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Basically, I try to be nice to myself while also being realistic about what needs to get done each week. I know if I stick to that schedule, my blog will continue to grow.

So these three images are a reflection of settling in. The first two were shot by a wonderful photographer named Jana in Granada and the third was shot in the city of Jaen by my friend Shola.


exploring Jaén sundresses in Ibiza

November was lots of fun. I learned that I can still travel and explore on a budget. So instead of jetting off to far off places, I saw some new things in Southern Spain. I saw the castle in Jaen and toured an olive oil mill with some friends. It was amazing of course.


Oh hello, yesterday! December was a good month as well. I did a lovely day trip to Cordoba with my friend Jasmyne. That is what this shot is from. It’s crazy to think of how warm it was then.

Well that was my year. I moved to Spain and have already learned a lot about myself. How did you end 2016?

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  1. I love your fashion style. Your choice of dresses is excellent. Personally, I love the shirt dresses you featured. The short dresses are great too, but at my age, I don’t think they’d look appropriate for me to wear. LOL.

    1. Hahaha well actually, I know a group of 40+ fashion bloggers who started this “I will wear what I like” weekly link party to redefine what “age appropriate” means. So I say wear whatever you like if you want! And thank you for the lovely compliment!

  2. you look beautiful in all the pictures <3 After reading your post i feel like buying a wardrobe full of dresses 🙂 The pineapple print dress is so cute.

    1. Hahahaha yeah I’ve done just about that here in Spain as I could not take all of my dresses over.

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