My 5 Poshmark dresses

poshmark dresses

If you have ever seen one of my looks on the blog and wanted it for yourself, now is your chance! These are my 5 Poshmark dresses. I must say, I just love the Internet. There are so many things that exist now that did not exist even 5-10 years ago. Poshmark is one of those things.

You all are familiar with a consignment shop, right? You gather up clothing you no longer wear in a laundry bin or garbage bag, and see what they will take. Depending on the shop, some can be rather picky. But at the end of the day, the nice thing about a consignment shop is that you get cash back from the things you longer wear.

Poshmark is basically that consignment shop except you are the one selling the items. Each Poshmark user downloads the app onto their smartphone or tablet, and has their own profile called a “closet.” When you want to list say that cardigan sweater that’s too small or those sandals from last season, you simply click the sell button. It asks you to snap a few clear photos of the item, describe and list all the pertinent information such as size, brand and color. You can follow other closets and they can follow you back. You can share items. The more active you are (think almost like the Instagram of online consignment), the more traffic you will drive to your page and thus the more sales you will make. And the best part is that you can do all of this in your pajamas (and I have poshed in them a few times … guilty).

The main reason I joined Poshmark several months ago was because of my move to Spain. Call me crazy (especially since I’m a fashion blogger), but my goal is to pack light. Don’t get me wrong … I still plan to bring many of my favorite dresses because they are such a part of my everyday style. However with all the planes, trains, taxi cabs and buses I’ll have to take once in Europe, I wanted to bring what I could easily walk around with. So Poshmark seemed like a great option to get rid of the things I knew I wasn’t taking.

Also if this has made you think of all the clothing you could sell on Poshmark, you totally should go ahead and join! In fact, if you use my code JRFRW, you get $5 towards any purchase on Poshmark!

Without further ado …

My 5 Poshmark dresses

5. The skater dress

This lovely dress was one I found on sale at Love Culture and only wore a few times. While it happened to be a small, it still fit me. While I have enjoyed wearing it, it’s one I do not necessarily need. Thus it is up on Poshmark.

Poshmark dresses

This dress initially appeared on the blog right after New Years. You can read the post here. Looking back, it seems like so long ago in my blogging career. It’s a size Small and you can view it on Poshmark here.

4. The LBD

Let’s be honest … I have way too many little black dresses. This is one I bought on a whim from Forever 21 and only wore a few times. I had also bought a size Large because … well I don’t remember why. But it’s always been a tad big on me.

Poshmark dresses

This nice, velvet material will be perfect with winter fast around the corner. Also notice my big toe in the bottom, right corner? Hehehe. It’s a size Large and you can view it on Poshmark here.

3. The blue sparkly dress

Now I really REALLY liked this dress. However it is just a smidge too small on me and therefore at times uncomfortable. I told myself that everything I’m bringing to Spain has to be comfortable in addition to being functional. Sadly, this one did not make the cut.

Poshmark dresses

Poshmark dresses

I found this at Charming Charlie almost two years ago. I had been invited to a Christmas party with a blue theme. It was perfect. It’s a size Medium. View it on Poshmark here.

2. Another little blue dress

I have no idea why, but I seem to be getting rid of all my blue. With this one, though, I do not wear too many frilly necklines anymore. It’s still very cute, though.

Poshmark dresses

This was found at Old Navy. It is a size Medium and can be viewed on Poshmark here.

1. Yet another … little blue dress

This one was actually featured on a post several months ago. I was in Florida and just had to do a photoshoot in the beautiful outdoors. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this dress. I just will not have a need for lots of sundresses during the winter months in Spain.

Poshmark dresses

Poshmark dresses

This dress initially appeared in my post entitled 5 Reasons you need a little blue dress. It is a size Medium from Charming Charlie and you can view it on Poshmark here.

Feel free to shop these or any other things in my closet. Everything I make from Poshmark funds my big move overseas. And don’t forget … if you’d like to join Poshmark for yourself, make sure you use my code  JRFRW to earn $5!

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  1. I should probably sign up for this! I’m also a fashion blogger and have a ton of clothes that I could put up! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is really great! You can even get a widget for your sidebar so people can click on your closet whenever they want. Feel free to use my code to get some cash to spend!

    1. Hahahaha well feel free to shop them in my Poshmark closet. They have an option where you can make an offer if you’d like a lower price.

  2. That’s a very clever app! Definitely way better than my sister getting all my stuff lol! Too bad it’s currently only limited to the States. Hopefully Canada will get its version soon. (Love the blue sparkly dress!)

  3. Poshmark sounds like an awesome app/service. I’m sure you’ll find more dresses that you’ll love there. I like that last blue dress the most.

  4. I love Poshmark! I just loaded so much on there this week and it sells fast! I didn’t realize there was a widget though. Awesome. Love your blue dresses. Thanks for linking up at Whatcha wearing wednesday!

  5. Blue is such a fabulous colour and looks so good on you. My favourite is that little bluw=e dress. I like to shape of it and that lacy material.

  6. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Poshmark. I need to check them out because I have a few gowns that no longer fit me, but I’m sure there is another wonderful home out there for them. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    Kerry-Ann |

  7. Poshmark sounds like a great idea! The clothes I don’t wear just stay in my wardrobe until I take them to a charity shop so this makes perfect sense. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure 🙂

  8. Confession: I’ve never actually explored Poshmark! I think I created an account when I started my blog because I felt like it was what I was supposed to do, but I haven’t done anything with it. This makes me want to start. Love that first dress!

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